Zailz staff applications


New member
IGN: My IGN is Zailzz at the moment.
Age (Minimum 14) : I'am 14
Mine Rank: I'am Prestige 12 And Mine rank z.
Donor Rank: I'am an assassin.
Timezone: CET
Ban/Mute History: N/A
Do you have Discord (Required): Yea, Zailz#7566

Staffing experience: Yes, i'm experienced i was helper on a couple servers like a year ago, the servers were small, there were like 20 - 30 members online a day and i've done loads of stuff on that server. I've helped the owner a lot with plugins etc.
What can you contribute: I can contribute a lot of effort, activity and a wonderful community.
How have you helped us so far: I've voted a lot and i have invited loads of people to the Minecraft server and the Discord server
Strengths: My strenght are : 1. Kindness 2. Good knowledge 3. Activity 4. Helpful 5. Editing and being active on the Discord server
Weaknesses: I've got 1 weakness and that is making pictures.
What you think being staff is about: I think Staff is about Helping people being very active and provide a good community.
Why would you like to become staff: I'd like to become a staff member because i want to help you guys with a lot of stuff its my pleasure to help you guys and the community. If i get accepted i would be very happy and i would never do anything wrong.
Availability: I'm very active i can be online 15 - 20 hours a day In the MC server and in the Discord sever.
Anything else: N/A

Do you have any recommendations: Zailz on top :D
Concerns/Comments: N/A
Questions: No
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