Zailz application for helper


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Ign: Zailzz
Age:13 turning 14 on friday
Mine rank: Prestige 11, mine a
Donor rank: Assassin
Timezone: Central European
Ban or Mute history: i havent been banned or muted
Discord: Zailz#7566

Staffing experience: On other minecraft prison servers
What can you contribute: to edit videos or on minecraft
How have you helped us so far: im not toxic to anyone on the server
Strengths: Editing and on the minecraft server
Weaknesses: nothing ig hahaha
What you think being staff is about: helping the server
Why would you like to become staff: i want to help the server and like that :)
Availability: 10-15 hours a day
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Nice application, I've seen you loads of times in game, you're an active person.
Best wishes
~ Fast