Yokomomo's Staff Application

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IGN: Yokomomo (changing soon)
Age (Minimum 14) : 14.5
Mine Rank: Z
Donor Rank: Assasin
Timezone: EST
Ban/Mute History: I was once falsebanned for hacking but it was a falseban so
Do you have Discord (Required): Yes

Staffing experience: I've been Developer on many servers and i skripted and made their servers Most of them are shutdown due to not being able to keep it up and i worked for some networks then Resigned for private reasons and I was admin on many kitpvp servers and i know hacks pretty well
What can you contribute: I can skript be active and muture and make whatever the owner wants and help all the players
How have you helped us so far: I invited 20 Players on the discord. I joined yesterday so not much
Strengths: Skript Everything excpect coding planning to learn it tho
Weaknesses: Coding
What you think being staff is about: About helping out the community best ways possible and coding for it or skripting and banning hackers and taking care of the server
Why would you like to become staff: To help out the community and skript for and make servers and to make the server the best server ever created
Availability: 4-5 hours daily
Anything else: Yes. iam kinda bad at applying so excuse me if my app is kinda bad

Do you have any recommendations: Get the staff team to not falseban!
Concerns/Comments: None
Questions: Is there gonna be more gamemodes added?


Staff member
Your weakness is coding and you're applying for staff and sorry our server does not use skript or ever will. and we aren't looking for developers who are just starting out learning java we need experienced devs.
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