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xChicky's Staff Application


New member

Age (Minimum 14) :

Mine Rank:

Donor Rank:
Hellion (Currently)


Ban/Mute History:
No Ban/Mute History

Do you have Discord (Required):
Yes. xChicky#8089

Staffing experience:
In the 4 years that I play minecraft, I have quite a lot of experience for staff I have been on various minigames staff, on minetopia Minetopia is something dutch, KitMap And Skyblock etc, So I can do quite a bit, and I would also like prison server xD

Some other servers I have staffed on and had a significant experience:

-Ananasmc - Admin
-OxyGen - Helper
-GamelyNetwork - Trial mod
*This list includes the most significant staffing experiences I have had not all of them as their might be a bit too much to list*

As you can see, I would say I have a good amount of experience in server moderation and I would love to join your server not only to learn from it but also to share my expertise and opinions into possibly making it more advanced or better.

What can you contribute:
I am good with staff permissions. and commands I don't abuse it. i'm a sweet kid, i don't hurt a fly, i love helping people, that is one of my hobbies i can handle screenshares well, have experience doing it more often on kitmap server, i really believe if you hire me that I will make the community better and increase it
I am a mature person, I do not react childishly to other peoples actions or behaviour. Every situation that I am put in, will be handled in a professional manner, whatever it is. I do think that I am empathetic, but have a limit to when some things get overboard, as should all staff members as following the rules are as important as having fun. I can promise to help make the server into a great safe environment for any player to come online and have a splendid time.

How have you helped us so far:
So far, I have bought a donor rank. [Hellion] and aim to continue helping if accepted as a staff member.

I think I can help very well. That I can be of good service, I do everything that is asked of me, I give everyone a second chance, (I hope I also get a chance) I look everything well first, I can record if someone hacks or proves , I can also take screenshots, and yes I listen to everyone, higher staff lower staff,

I believe my main weakness is probably building, as I am not too good at that and can really improve, but I hope to learn more from other staff members if possible.

What you think being staff is about:
In my 4 years time playing minecraft, That you keep the chat neat, and the community neat, and that no one floods or spamming, I am a nice child who is active and listens well, And that I approach hackers and cheaters,

Why would you like to become staff:
I really want to help and support the server, I can be of great service, I like to help the community make it bigger and make sure everyone can play nicely and have fun playing with friends I make sure that people will not be toxic,
With the large experience I have in staffing on prison servers, it would be great to join a new one as a staff member. It was the first gamemode I ever played and probably will be the last.
Being a staff member on the Archer network would really be such an honor as I would love to work with the other staff members involved as well as they do seem kind. The server has a decent overall player base and I would love to share my expertise with fellow members and staff, whilst hopefully learn from them as well.

I can put a lot of time onto the server, I will put a little schedule on for you to see.

Sunday: 7/8

Monday: 5/6 hours

Tuesday: 5/6 hours

Wednesday: 6/5 hours

Thursday: 5-6 hours

Friday: 7/8 hours

Saturday: 7/8/9 hours

Anything else:
If selected as a staff member I would be extremely excited to make new friends and work with other members on the staff team. I love helping people out and I really hope I get the opportunity to do so. I hope you take my application onto consideration <3