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Swordy_sux staff ap


New member
IGN: Swordy_sux/natsukiisubaru
Age (Minimum 14) :14
Mine Rank:z
Donor Rank:None
Timezone:Mountain Daylight Time
Ban/Mute History:Yes a lot
Do you have Discord (Required): Yes Strevo80#2594

Staffing experience:None sadly but hopefully get staff ib here
What can you contribute: i can help the server a lot im up for challenges and i can handle many things!
How have you helped us so far: mmm i havent yet
Strengths: I can handle toxic players
Weaknesses: Dont know many commands
What you think being staff is about: Staff is about helping people in the community that dont know much bout it
Why would you like to become staff: Because i played this server for a while and i like it my friend Farcraftmc got staff so i wanna give it a shot
Availability: im aviable all day just need to get a new set up so i can be in discord
Anything else: Yes Ben ON TOP!

Do you have any recommendations:


New member
DENIED, next time add way more detail into this application. Also please be less toxic and not get muted or banned to have a better reputation.