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Million :D

New member
ign Millioon
age 12
mine rank P
donor rank no
timezone CEST
ban/mute history none
discord yes Million#3817

-staffing experience: yes, i am a pro staff :D
-how can you contribute: im usually online a lot. I can look over chat help people in need moderate warp pvp if any suspicions upon other players for ''cheating''. and i can help out other playerss if they are stuck or something.
Online most of the day can watch over player's if they are cheating im very very good at helping other people with irl problems causing of bullying or suicide i can get use to most of people's problems and understand generally most of peoples problems and needs. I make videos on the server promoting it with my little channel with 17 subs (Million on youtube)
mostly toxicity that other players have on each other. I get really mad when someone is just trying to play the game and someone just ruin's it for them by making them feel bad. I want everyone to be happy and enjoy the server to the fullest. Some of my time I spend giving attention to a special girl I love but im usually active if anyone need's to dm me on discord:)

I would like to become staff because in my opinion the staff team is lacking people and in activity. I would like to make the server feel safe and make people feel happy and feel like they can talk to anyone on the staff team about problems or just start a conversation:) . I want everyone to feel like they are part of the community and not left out

Availability: Usually on for 11 hours on the week days on the weekends 14 hours when school does start I can probably make 4-6 hours of playtime depending on sports and everything too.

Thanks, Million.

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