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Staff Application By Gamerlollipop

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Ign; Gamerlollipop
Donor Rank: None
How old are you: Im 14 right will be 15 in maj [Sorry for lying about my age It was dumb by me]
How many hour are you active per day: 2-4 or more I can be online up to 10 hours max if im not bored.
What mine are you on: S [I was on v Before]
Rank; Default
Why do you want be staff:I've been on this server for a long time and I like it. Earlier I was in the team of staff but I did some bad work and I got demoted.
I would like to help this server one more time and I played for a very long time on the archer network. I hope that I will give support to players who needed. I also hope that I will get one more chance and I can not get it wrong again. I know this trick if you press f 3 you can see which version you are playing or if you play with hacks. and you can ask the player who he is suspected of hacks.
Weakness: My English is not the best one but im trying my best.
I can speak Swedish , Polish, English and studying franchise.

Thank you For Reading my application Have nice day!
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Not open for further replies.