Rxiled Helper/Staff Apllication.


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IGN: rxiled.

Age (Minimum 14) : 17.

Mine Rank: Z, prestige 1.

Donor Rank: Currently do not have a rank but I am considering buying one in the near future.

Timezone: Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4)

Ban/Mute History: I've been muted once, It was for going a little over board in a altercation with another player concerning items, But im ahead of that now. And I've never been banned.

Do you have Discord (Required): Yes, I have discord its Enderfied#8954

Staffing experience:
  • So far been I have been staff on 2 server, One being called Siph-MC and another cracker server called CosmicCraft.
  • I've worked as a chat mod and a moderator, I have dealt with hackers, exploit abuse, toxic players in chat and I have also helped find appropriate plugins for the server I was once mod on.

How have you helped us so far:
  • I personally think that I've helped the sever by being an active player and recommending the server to some of my friends I play with.
  • I encourage players to be active and try to engage players on the server.
  • I've also given Playerfile some ideas for the server. For example I recommenced him to add a envoy event in pvp on my old account EnderfiedCow And If I ever come across a glitch or a bug in the game I'm usually one of the first people telling the staff about it.
  • Further more I help out players with the smallest of things they need even friendly tips to improve there gaming experience.

  • Some of my strengths are Im very active and active for very long hours (sometimes upwards of 8 hours a day).
  • I've played Minecraft for a very long and know a lot about the game.
  • Im very kind, well spoken, and I love helping players.
  • I can tell when a player is cheating almost 100% of the time.
  • I can moderate the chat very well because of my previous experiences

  • I think the only weakness I have is extremely toxic players, Its just something about them that makes me aggravated but I am working on not entertaining them and being the bigger person.
  • What you think being staff is about: Staff is about being there for players that need assistance, helping the server thrive, and trying to make the server a better place.

Why would you like to become staff:
  • I would like to become apart of the staff team because currently this is the only server I really play and I like the players. I do see this server becoming bigger and I want to help it grow and improve in any way I possibly can.

  • I am available any time of the day from 8am-12pm

Anything else:
  • I'd love to join the staff team it would be a honor.

Do you have any recommendations:
  • Yes I do, I recommend the staff try to find new ways to make the server even more fun such as events or mini games. also i recommend the server implement a ranking system for duels.
Concerns/Comments: none
Questions: none


Staff member
Great staff application, I like your strengths but while you are on I want you to change that toxicity part and see you be more nice and also in game i've seen you saying some sexual things that would make the staff team look weird so just work on some of that. Other than that good luck and just be good in general and stay out of trouble. Good luck


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Thank you for the comments ill work on my weaknesses and maybe apply in the future. Ill also be a less toxic player.