Nxqqa application


New member
My IGN is Nxqqa

Age (Minimum 14) :

Mine Rank:
Prestige 10 Mine a

Donor Rank:


Ban/Mute History:
1 False ban cuz i left by accident.

Do you have Discord (Required):
yes, my Discord is Fasta#6660

Staffing experience:
I do have a lot of experience.
i've owned a server by myself the server was made in 2016 and died 2018 because i couldn't keep it up by myself.
it was a kingdom sever btw.
I've been Helper on the old ArcherNetwork and i would like to be helper again no proof needed i think.

What can you contribute:
I can contribute :
  • a lot of help
  • kindness
  • wonderful community

How have you helped us so far:
Yea, i always tell notice the staffs if there's a hacker, i've found loads of bugs a year ago and yea.

My strengths are :

  • Activity
  • Communications
  • Good knowlegde
  • kindness.

I've got 1 weakness and that is toxicity.

What you think being staff is about:
i Think staff is about helping, keeping the community up, no toxicity in chat and to take care of the sever.

Why would you like to become staff:
I'd like to become staff because i was staff like a year ago and i was fun tbh.
i had alot of fun with the staffs back in that time.
the staffs i miss are Tom and Alexander, i had alot of beef with Tom but i had alot of fun :) .

5 - 7 hours a day ( Everyday )

Anything else:
Pm me on Discord if u have any questions ( Fasta#6660 )

Do you have any recommendations:


No, not really


Staff member
Toxicity is your weakness. It's ok to be toxic from time to time but we try not to be toxic as staff and help the community instead of putting it into a deep hole.
Also, I need to see you online much more!