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NinjaEagle's Developer Application


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Do you have Discord (Required):

Staffing experience:
Owned and developed several servers in the past including two of my own. I owned a network server in the past which consisted of Prison, Cosmic Test Factions, and Skyblock game modes. In addition, I developed another cosmic test server project titled MageMC. As owners and developers of several server projects in the past, I have had the trained staffing experienced to handle the rules and regulations of any server best fit. In addition, my experiences can always be tweaked to best fit the need of new requirements via ArcherNetwork. Due to financial issues, the main reasons why these servers did not extend my expectations were because my other partners would refuse to correspond with payment which therefore shortened the life of these servers.

What can you contribute:
As a server owner and developer in the past, I have noticed some great potential for this server. While working with some other developers in the past, I have picked up a few tricks including coding techniques and server management skills that I would like to use on this server. I noticed that the prison server is well-maintained and ready to run and I would like to contribute perhaps a possible faction server in the future. Of course, using the discretion by the owners, I could establish a faction server depending on a selected gamemode: hardcore, cosmic test, OP, Semi-OP, normal, etc. Finally, because of my numerous experiences with servers in the past, I have several custom/premium plugins in terms of factions that I would love to share in perhaps a possible factions server!

How have you helped us so far:
By joining this server recently, I haven't had much time helping staff as there are hardly any players on at times as well. I noticed a few tweaks in configurations that can be easily fixed and I will make sure this information gets brought up to a higher staff authority that has permission changing server files to change this.

I am proficient in standard HTML5 and JavaScript elements used for coding websites. In addition, I know how to code fairly moderate/difficulty plugins using Eclipse and as a high school student still, I am planning to increase my knowledge in this area of study to a higher level in college. With that in mind, I strongly believe my knowledge in coding will greatly increase to a wider understanding. I believe another strength in my work ethic is the ability to strive to learn something unique and different to greater expand my knowledge and help the entirety of the project. As mentioned earlier, by working in numerous projects including a network server and several faction/prison servers in the past, I have greatly expanded my knowledge with guidelines and tips taught by other owners and developers to help me increase my work ethic. Because of this, I have great confidence in learning and adapting to new work situations throughout this server.

Because of this being a staff application, I strive to be truthful regarding my app. With that said, I strongly believe that one of my weaknesses is the inability to give up on a certain thing/project. Although this can be seen as perhaps a positive thing, if I get distracted by not giving up on a certain aspect of the project, I tend to lose focus on the entirety of the main project. This is something I definitely need to fix as I know this position requires tremendous attention to work and detail.

What you think being staff is about:
Personally, I believe being staff is the ability to bring understanding and comprehension to new players that may not have a great understanding of how to play a certain game mode. I believe it's the ability to express work in a fun and creative way to attract an audience of players to get their attention. It's the main goal of making sure a player joins the server with excitement and when they log off the server at the end of the day, they will be anxious and eager to join back the next day. That is why I think being staff is all about. It's the drive to make players join the next day because of the fact that they loved the server the first time which will make them keep on coming back.

Why would you like to become staff:
As mentioned, I see great potential in this server. I would love to contribute to a server like this as it brings back the old memories of developing in the past. After the outbreak of my other partners refusing to pay for the server, I retired and quit server management and development for a while because I realized I needed a little break to recharge my motives. Coming back, exactly four years, I have greatly matured for the time being and also greatly increased my knowledge and understanding of development. I believe this will help me contribute to the staffing team. I see great potential in this server and I would love to greatly increase the popularity of the server as it seems like it was worked hard one.

On the actual server: Monday-Saturday (at least 3-5 hours)
On discord: Monday-Sunday (I have notifications so I will always be on duty)

Anything else:
I am happy to help, if there are any questions or concerns please feel free to message me. Thank you for taking the time to read this application. I didn't want to make it super long and boring to read but at the same time, I wanted to make sure it best defined me as a whole.

Do you have any recommendations:
No recommendations, everything is perfect.


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