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My staff application

Am I accepted?

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New member
IGN: Lota_ZeroTwo
Age (Minimum 14) : 14
Mine Rank: P
Donor Rank: I am planning on buying the donor rank...
Timezone: GMT +2
Ban/Mute History: None
Do you have Discord (Required): Yes , I do : Lota ZeroTwo#4035

Staffing experience: None , That's why I'm here
What can you contribute: I can bring fun , ban hackers , mute people that are swearing , host events etc
How have you helped us so far: I, I just joined...
Strengths: I have good grammar ; I am kind , polite ; I know how to use commands and their basic functions etc

Weaknesses: I don't have that much staff experience
What you think being staff is about: Helping other staff members , maintaining the server , hosting events , banning rule breakers , building new maps etc.
Why would you like to become staff: Because I want to help around and bring fun.
Availability: I can be online 2-3 hours / day on weekdays and 4-6 hours /day on weekends
Anything else: I sometimes can't come online because I have school and stuff

Do you have any recommendations: No , the server is fine to me.
Concerns/Comments: None
Questions: Can I play as a normal player if i get accepted?

Thank you for your time spent on reviewing my staff application

EDIT : I forgot to say that I am applying for moderator
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Hello im just a normal player as right now but I guess you have to play a little on this server and know a bit more.
and you need a bit staff experience. so I guess this one will be DENIED
sorry if that hurt you good luck!
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