Motess Staff Application


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Age (Minimum 14) :14
Mine Rank:z
Donor Rank:None at the moment
Ban/Mute History: ban once but unbanned
Do you have Discord (Required):Yes Motess#7700

Staffing experience:I am the previously been head staff on a different game called Five m and also have owned a server on it. I was also Mod nearly Admin on a server called endpixel.The server was shut down about a week ago due to the lack of funding by the owner. One other experience I have had was as a developer on the game Five M. I believe I can use this experience to better the server and make it more fun for everyone to enjoy.
What can you contribute: To be fair, I truly just want to contribute as much time as I can. I think I am ready to dedicate a lot of my time to ArcherPVP, to help players whether it is in-game,even in discord, with whatever help they need, and whatever support I can provide. I know it may sound cliche but I truly want players to feel the joy that I feel when they play on the server. I hope to use my past knowledge from staffing in FiveM to one day hopefully boost my knowledge in working as a staff member for the server. I understand the difficulty, and level of patience it requires to be a staff member on any game, and I respect that.
How have you helped us so far:The only things I can remember off the top of my head that I have done is doing a duplication glitch but I have learned my lesson and will never happen again.Other than that I am sure I have helped players in in-game chat, and other things along those lines. I think the support is something that can be considered as help as well.
Strengths: I guess my strengths would be able to handle someone if they are being difficult, and not really being mean or rude to someone even if I don't like them/ not really rude other people.
Weaknesses:For the most part I don't have many weaknesses but my only one I think I have i patience because I don't necessarily like wait a long time for thing.
What you think being staff is about:Like I stated above, with my current staffing experience in a FiveM community, upholding the position of a role model, and someone that members can look up to is the most important part. I think being "that staff member" who is reliable, and can be directed to for a lot of general needs is important, and I think everyone should take that position. Being trustworthy is also a trait that needs to be seen in a staff member, to know that yourself and other members can trust you, not only as a person, but as a staff member as well. Being trustworthy will help as members know that they can go to you for needs, and knowing their problem//question will be answered with a truthful answer. And finally I believe showing time and dedication is an important part of being a staff member. Showing that you are willing to help the server is exactly what should be seen in every staff member.
Why would you like to become staff:I think that my urge/spark to apply for staff came when I began to play on the server. I think becoming a staff member on the server would help me practice responsibility. I wouldn't only use this opportunity to "practice responsibility", but obviously I would use my time on the server, discord, or forums, helping players and making everyone feel comfortable playing on the server. Anyways, I am really motivated to become staff on the server. Now with my experience in FiveM as a staff member, I think that my mind has opened up a lot to the world of being a staff member, and what it is really like, and I hope to use that on the server. Overall just enjoy the server all together, which includes helping new members, and any members that have any questions/need help.

Availability:I am available anytime of the week
Anything else:N/A

Do you have any recommendations:N/A
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I like the application Brandon, as a staff its important to be patient so thats one thing you can work one bc a lot of people will try and test you and see if you will get mad and its important that you show them ur not mad. Other than that I wish you the best of luck for staff again!


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Nice application. Like what Viraling said, it's important to be patient as a staff member and should be a thing you should continue working on and getting better at. Just a reminder, just because someone's your friend doesn't give them the ability to bypass the rules. Since we're full on helpers / staff at the moment, it may be awhile until you hear a response from Heathe determining whether or not you're accepted.
I wish you good luck,

- Crypted