Marced Staff application


New member


My IGN is Marced

Age (Minimum 14) :

I'am 17 Years old

Mine Rank:

I'am Prestige 10 Mine rank A

Donor Rank:

None at the moment i'm planning on buying Donor with all commands.



Ban/Mute History:

A few False bans and some Fun bans.
A fun ban is like a joke ban.

Do you have Discord (Required):

Yea, Marced#6660

Staffing experience:

I was a staff on a couple of servers and I also had a server with a lot of people that I sold it
in 2015 or 2016 because I didn't want to host it anymore, it took me too long and the server maintenance was always boring.
I was also an archernetwork Helper at the beginning when I had
already done a lot of things , for instance when I found bugs.

What can you contribute:
1. I can contribute a lot of activity
2. A kind community
3. A lot of effort

How have you helped us so far:
I helped you with a lot of things like hackers I
reported, bugs I reported, I'm very active and I've helped new players.

I have a lot of strengths such as activity very helpful I put a lot of energy into things I like to help people and I do what I have to do.


I've got 1 weakness and that is toxicity.
I can be very toxic if another player is toxic to me

What you think being staff is about:

I think staff is about helping and providing for a good community, like a staff member has to Ban or ss hackers and mute toxic people or people that bypass the rules.

Why would you like to become staff:

I'd like to become a Staff member because i was staff already and it was very fun in my opinion.
I loved the Staff team it was very fun to associate with them and i just like to help people you know.


Minimum 5 times a week,
Like 5 - 20 hours.
In the discord server

Anything else:


Do you have any recommendations:

Marced on top !


N / A


No but if you have questions dm me on discord ( Marced#6660 ) my dms are always open :)




New member
I've been working on my toxicity and I'm not toxic anymore I made a lot of progress in a day.


Staff member
We need to see you be toxic-free. Currently, we are trying to perfect our staff team as much as we can, so you can not put weight on us. Therefore, please work on your toxicity then re-apply for staff.