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IGN: LSDealer

Age (Minimum 14) : 17

Mine Rank: Z

Donor Rank: Purple God

Timezone: Central European Time (CET)

Ban/Mute History: I mean if you consider "being gay" as a reason for bans then yes, but anything seriously not really.

Do you have Discord (Required): A$AP andrew#5344

Staffing experience: I have never been a staff member on any server before. I would really like to have a chance to become a moderator or helper on a server. Everyone has to start somewhere and i believe Archer would be just the perfect place for me to start. I think my experience with dealing with players in-game and communications with them is very useful now. I have been playing Archer for a long time and i am very used to how things work, and i can advise players and help them with their needs.

I don't think my lack of staffing experience will effect the way i can staff on the server. I want this to be a chance for me to step up to the role and show some maturity and responsibility. I think it would benefit you as the staff team and the community. I am an active player which will also help. Over all, i think i would be a great fit for the staff team.

What can you contribute: I can contribute my activity, my responsibility and my experience. I can be very active in-game at times when there are no other staff members online. I can deal with cheaters and chat offenders when the server is thriving with players but there are no staff online. My experience will come in handy, i know the culture / trends of Archer, and i know the value of peoples items, this will help when dealing with situations so i can understand the emotions of the player so i can really get on their level and communicate with them as someone who is trusted and understands their issues.

How have you helped us so far: I have been very active recently, i have worked with many people to report cheaters in the past. I have always been a handy person on the server and i have made many friends. I have alerted the community about scammers and i have even stopped scammers continuing. I will be able to help a whole lot more with the helper role.

Strengths: I am a very available person. I am extremely active on discord and i will be able to moderate and deal with all the players on the discord server rule breaking. I will be able to deal with complaints / issues from the large playerbase. I will be able to review all the reports / appeals too if necessary. I am a trusted person too, i can build trust and over all make friends easily.

Weaknesses: I am not as experienced as some others when it comes to moderation and dealing with these sorts of issues. As i said earlier, everyone has to start somewhere and i think this would be the perfect place for me to begin and fit into what is such a great community and staff team.

What you think being staff is about: I think staff is all about helping the community and dealing with issues. I think staff is such a major part in a successful server like Archer. Staff are there to punish, help and advise. Staff are the people that keep the server running and work as a team to keep things under control. Staff is all about just showing your over all maturity and taking a step up to the role. I think to be staff you have to show a certain amount of maturity and responsibility which i believe i can provide. Staff is all about doing the right thing and taking the moral high ground, staff is all about using your power for good, and helping those who are unfortunate or have ran into an issue.

Why would you like to become staff: I would like to become staff because of the following reasons. Firstly, Archer is such an amazing server, it has a huge community and a successful team. However, i think the team could use someone as active as me as i don't see staff online at certain times. I would like to become staff because i really enjoy providing people with my help and services, i think i can really get to know the community and become a trusted member on the staff team. Also someone who is known to be a good staff member, one who helps, punishes and advises the players.

Availability: I can be online for around 6 hours a day. If i get a message that someone needs me i will be right on the job though, especially when they mention a hacker.

Anything else: Not that i can think of.

Do you have any recommendations: /

Concerns/Comments: Ya'll probably have seen this app once, if anyone wondering yes i wrote this application earlier. And i want only Heatheperson to comment on this if possible
Questions: /
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