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Helper Application

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New member
IGN: Huntertntbros
Age (Minimum 14): 16, 17 in less than a week
Mine Rank: A ( could be max)
Donor Rank: Mystic
Timezone: PST
Ban/Mute History: uhhhh a lot but I have matured and moved past these and have learned not to abuse my permissions.
Do you have Discord (Required): Hunter#6739

Staffing experience: Used to be an admin on here, a variety of staff on a multitude of different servers.
What can you contribute: Chat moderation and hacker bans
How have you helped us so far: Contributed to the community and brought and kept players
Strengths: Diligent and hardworking. I have been a player and staff on here for a long time, I know many of the players and how the server functions.
Weaknesses: Immature at times but willing to put in the effort to create a good community/
What you think being staff is about: Not only creating a better community but making the server as good as it possibly can be
Why would you like to become staff: To help the players in whatever they need assistance with and to have a staff on almost always when ben isn't able to be online
Availability: With the coronacation I can play all day every day except Monday and Wednesday 12-5 PST.
Anything else: Nothing else :D

Do you have any recommendations: Kayzero Will mary you if I get accepted :O
Concerns/Comments: none
Questions: none
Not open for further replies.