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[HELPER] Application

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New member
IGN: NurWarzone
Age (Minimum 14) : 14
Mine Rank: V
Donor Rank: None
Timezone: 10hours
Ban/Mute History: none
Do you have Discord (Required): yes i have it NurWarzone#9670

Staffing experience: I can good help players, and i have good staff experience.
What can you contribute: I can do a lot of Plugins commands and more.
How have you helped us so far: no
Strengths: i can make Plugins, i can good help players
Weaknesses: im everytime online
What you think being staff is about: I will help everyone to answer Questions, help the admins/owner be there to inform in case of Problems.
Why would you like to become staff: Because it is my Dream to support you and i have very good insights
Availability: i will Play everytime ;)
Anything else: no

Do you have any recommendations: no
Concerns/Comments: no
Questions: no
Not open for further replies.