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FarCraftMC's Staff Application


New member
IGN: FarCraftMC
Age ( Minimum 14) : 14
Mine Rank: h but working on just mining
Donor Rank: none at the moment
Timezone: EST
Ban/Mute History: None
Do you have discord? Yes BrandonSim#7700

I was staff on a different game that normally had around 25/32 players on it mostly just moderating the discord but also moderating the server. As well as how to act when people are spamming bad stuff or being toxic or whatever may be happening. I also learned to communicate with the staff team very well, learning communication is a valuable part of being staff because if you have a friend on the staff team it is easier to make friends with all the members of the staff team. I also owned my own server. But I also have been staff on many Discord servers two which have had over 1,000 people in them and around 5 with around 500 or less, sometimes people were really active in the chat and you had to learn how to talk people as well as manage over them but not too critically at the same time.

What can you contribute:
I feel I am mature enough to handle most situations that could arise, as I have seen some of the situations that happen throughout my time here. I also feel that I can work with a team very well and know when to communicate. Also, I know how to handle myself in difficult situations. I am pretty active and if I am not on Minecraft you could most likely message me on Discord and I could help with whatever you need. If I am told to work on something I will work hard on it until its finished or until I am told to stop.

How have you helped us so far:
I feel as thought I have helped by not being to rude or difficult to work with ad I don't think I am a problem on the server I have helped out people by telling them how the server works I have brought a few of my friends on this server and had lots of fun playing with them on this server.

Strengths: I guess my strengths would be able to handle someone if they are being difficult, and not really being mean or rude to someone even if I don't like them/ not really rude other people.
Weaknesses:For the most part I don't have many weaknesses but my only one I think I have i patience because I don't necessarily like wait a long time for thing.

What do you think being staff is about: Staffing is about taking care of the people, making sure everyone is having a good time on the server. Checking chat, discord and the forums as well as keeping an eye out for anyone that may be breaking rules. You need to be as helpful as you possibly can be whether it is simply guiding someone in the right direction for what they need.

Why would you like to become staff: I would like to become staff so that I am able to help people out as much as possible, having the extra commands will allow me to help out people much more than I already can. I'm always friendly towards people as I see no need to cause unnecessary beef with people, however that being said I can hand out the correct punishments if rules are broken no matter who breaks them.

Availability: I am available a good part of the day and if you need me on at a certain time I will most likely be on.
Anything else: Thanks for reading my application!

Do you have any recommendations: None at the moment
Concerns/Comments:None at the time
Questions:None all been answered
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