Cigarettes / fades' Staff Application


New member
Cigarettes .
Age (Minimum 14) :
My Rank:
Donor Rank:
Ban/Mute History:
Racism x1.
Do you have Discord (Required):
Pm me for my discord.

Staffing experience:
I’ve been on many different servers, and I used to be on staff on a so-called prison server for quite some time. When it comes to being on a team I can participate well as a team player. I’ve been staffing for a couple of years on many different big and small servers.
What can you contribute:
I have a decently experienced record in screensharing, and I’m experienced when it comes to dealing with players and people alike. I have ssing tools that I’ll gladly share with the fine people on the staff team. I merely wish to be a part of a good community, and in return, I’ll do my best to help the players of the server.
How have you helped us so far:
I’m relatively new to the server after my unfortunate departure from another server, and I haven’t contributed much. However, I plan to be more active on the server so I can help better the experience of the players.
I can be on for 3-5 hours every day, and I know my stuff when it comes to detecting cheaters, and dealing with them accordingly. I can deal with players accordingly, and do whatever is necessary for the server. I also have Paladin, and I’ll gladly share it with the staff team if needed.
I live far from the server host, and thus I average ping of 200+. I’m not accustomed to working on the forums, but I’m willing to learn and change for the better of the server. This makes me unable to help some of the EU players.
What you think being staff is about:
I think being staff is about having fun while contributing to the server as a whole. It also is the practice of helping other players enjoy the server, and to help regulate inappropriate behavior.
Why would you like to become staff:
I would like to become staff member because I want to be a part of a thriving community. I would also like to meet new people and to help the regular players and new players to help enhance their time on the server.
I’m available for 3-5 hours on Minecraft (hours may increase due to the given situation). I’m also active on discord for most of the time.
Anything else:
Nothing, msg me if you have any more questions or feedback.
Do you have any recommendations:
Not at the moment.


Staff member
Solid application i like the detail and thought you put into this and hope to see you on more often. Other then that I wish you the best of luck!