Bamwhatboy's Staff Application

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New member
IGN: bamwhatboy
Age (Minimum 14) : 15
Mine Rank: z
Donor Rank: None RN am getting soon
Timezone: EST
Ban/Mute History: None
Do you have Discord (Required):
Staffing experience: I have owned a smaller server like yours but have shut it down
What can you contribute: I think i'm very responsible and mature for my age, and can help the server grow with players and ranks prestige crates etc I can also contribute my time and effort because I will not quit until this server is the most played and best OP prison server on Minecraft Mulitplayer I am also a very hard worker and have I high work ethic and a get done attitude so if I set out to do something I will complete that and I think that is what makes a very good staff member
How have you helped us so far: I have gone on 5+ servers and told people to come join this server and I have gotten over 15 people to come and play here and a couple buy donor ranks and I will be buying the top rank very soon and show off to people how OP it is so other people will start to buy ranks and become donors
Very Active
Good with commands
and very good with communicating with players
This isn't a weakness more in the middle but i'm decent at building
my weakness is me not being on as much during the week when school is going on
What you think being staff is about: Not having staff to get cool things and for commands but helping the server grow and keep people coming back and playing while enjoying their selves but also being strict and enforcing the rules when necessary and not goofing around and trolling people and screwing around but helping people around the server and making them playing the game the best server ever.
Why would you like to become staff: To help the server grow and go from 5-15 people to a couple hundred people and it is just amazing knowing your helping somebody and they could be going through something terrible and playing this game could put a smile on their face to help them through their rough day and not just advising someone as staff but to help them . Like I said I want to build new crates like after z rank get a Prestige Key or make new kits just to make the server that more enjoyable
Sunday 5-6 hours
Monday 3-4 in school 5-6 when out
Tuesday 4-5 in 7-8 out
Wednesday 1-2 in 5-6 out
Thursday 4-5 in 6-8 out
Friday 5-6 in 8-10 out
Saturday 8-12 hours
Anything else: I hope you pick this so I can help the server but if not I will continue to help the server grow and make players enjoy it and stay hours and hours and if you choose me you will see more players will start to come and stay

Do you have any recommendations: N/A
Concerns/Comments: N/A
Questions: N/A​
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