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Application for Mod or Helper


New member

Age (Minimum 14) : I am 15 years old

Mine Rank: I am rank P

Donor Rank: Im sorry i dont have a donor rank


Ban/Mute History:I have never been Banned nor Muted

Do you have Discord (Required): Yes! my discord is GhostX2#2772

Staffing experience: I have been HeadAdmin on a server called RageMC but fortunately the server has been shut down, i have been also a Builder on VoidMC because of my building skills, I can Moderate the chat pretty well and take responsibility for what i am doing

What can you contribute: I plan to be able to contribute 2-7+ hours daily on the server. And also moderate the server and chat well.

How have you helped us so far: i have helped keeping the chat freindly.

Strengths: Pvping,Building,and Moderating the server.

Weaknesses: When i lag, and dealing with Arguments

What you think being staff is about: Staff is about helping the server and the community, Being a staff is like a job u have to really show the players that u really deserve staff. Players trust staff because they are the ones who volunteered to help the people and the community.

Why would you like to become staff: Because i would really help the server through thick and thin no matter what happens i would always be there helping others no matter what.

Availability: I am available from 9AM to 7PM

Anything else: No, thats all thank you!

Do you have any recommendations: Yes actually! can u add CE Enchants for tools like Jackhammer,Explosive,LuckyMining.Excavation like that CE stuff.
Questions: I dont have any questions left. Thank you!