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IGN: SenDog9
Age (Minimum 14) : 14
Mine Rank: T
Donor Rank: Assassin
Timezone: GMT+4
Ban/Mute History: None
Do you have Discord (Required): SenDog9#3132

Staffing experience:
Anthrax - I had Co-Owner on it and it was fun being apart of the Ownership as I did a bit with the server making my own buildings helping people baning so many people but my friend shut down the server and blocked everyone apart of the team all the staff, players, me, another owner he did have some anger issues but I never thought he would shut it down it was really fun spending time with the players helping them.

Adios - I have admin on this server it is a very small server on sotw it can get up to 500 players on other than that there are around 10 to 15 players on sometimes none but I left the server because the staff began to get toxic and so did the player so I left then one day later I just get on to say bye to some of my friends that are players and I got banned for being a rude word

And have been owner own Archer 2 times for around 10mins or 5mins
What can you contribute: I can contribute my skills of being staff on others as I can spot if a person is hacking real easy as I have hacked before but that was really dumb of me.
How have you helped us so far: I have helped by playing on the server and I think I helped PlayerFile fix a bug I was his test dummy.
- Active
- Mature
- Fast And Accurate Reactions
- Good Judgement
- Easy To Talk To
- Extremely Honest
- Knows A Lot About Hacking

- Toxic Past
- Used To Hack
- Low Self Esteem
What you think being staff is about: I think staff is about helping players have a better experience and if anyone needs something that I could give him that was not money or amore, I would help them.
Why would you like to become staff:
I have been staff on another server before and generally enjoyed the experience of being staff and helping other players but they were on different servers like other then a prison server and I have never been staff on a prison server before and I would like to expand my skills on being a staff and help the players on your server so they can have a better experience.

Sunday= 1 to 4 hours
Monday= 1 to 4 hours
Tuesday= 1 to 4 hours
Wensday= 1 to 4 hours
Thursday= 1 to 6 hours
Friday= 1 to 12 hours
Saturday= 1 to 8 hours
Anything else: No

Do you have any recommendations:


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you cant just JUMP to admin fam. and youre never on and when you are on you are on for 2 hours a night
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