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  1. Archer

    Ben give me moderator

  2. Archer

    Playerflie is abutting

    Accepted. Thank you!
  3. Archer

    Staff Punishment Times [Read Before Applying]

    If you're interested in applying for staff on Archer Network, please read over these punishment times! You will be required to know all punishment times during the interview process. Mutes Toxicity (player, staff disrespect) ↴ (warn first) • First Offense ➤ One hour mute (if their history...
  4. Archer

    Sundoku's staff application

    Not very detailed failed to even put your IGN which is your in game name, Username underage you must be atleast 14 years old to apply. Denied!
  5. Archer

    Sollicitation for staff

    Too many grammar mistakes, Not fluent at english. Banned for hacks once. Denied, However this will be accepted if you can prove you being staff on the following servers: OxyGen GamelyNetwork Ananascraft Locked.
  6. Archer

    Viral's Staff App

    Copied staff application, Denied!
  7. Archer

    Sollicitation for helper/mod

    applied twice instead of editing - Denied.
  8. Archer

    bamwhatboy Staff Application

    Copied staff application if not very poor grammar & and lying about staff experience - Denied.
  9. Archer

    Application for Mod or Helper

    Never saw you online, Denied!
  10. Archer

    Mod Application

    And lots of grammar mistakes . Sorry, Denied You can reapply now if you like!
  11. Archer

    Staff Application

    Never saw you online. Denied.
  12. Archer

    Staff Appliction

    You realize you could have just edited your old staff application instead of making a new one right?! Denied.
  13. Archer

    Inspirational Application - The Story Of MiningGod665 :)

    Follow the staff format. Denied!
  14. Archer

    MrGogall application to be Mod/Admin

    Not detailed. Denied!
  15. Archer

    SenDog9 Staff Appliction 2.0

    Denied. Lying about being staff on the 2 servers Anthrax and adios possibly a copied application.